Assembly Presentations

Quarterly & Assembly Presentations

In Area 79, a big part of our assemblies and quarterlies are sharing sessions, helping keep A.A. strong and participation in service growing.

Some of our sharing sessions include trusted servants providing presentations on specific topics and then opening the floor for discussion. On this page you will find some of those presentations.

Sharing Sessions

In a sharing session, everyone has a chance to use their experience, strength and hope to contribute ideas and opinions about the welfare of A.A. It can be set up anywhere for any group of people, and is especially useful for assemblies and district meetings. The format is aimed at drawing out the ideas of even the shyest participant, and keeps the more articulate from dominating the meeting. Each person offers an opinion, and never needs to defend it. The chairperson or leader functions more as a timekeeper than as a participant.

Here is how it works

Let’s say that the topic is, “How can we get more A.A.s interested in general service?” The leader, armed with a loud bell and a watch or stopwatch, reads the question and explains the rules. Each person present may talk for a specified time (a minute and a half or two minutes is typical – whatever the group agrees upon). Usually no one is permitted to speak twice on the same subject until all who wish to have spoken. The leader continues until the topic has been fully explored.

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