Reference and Service Materials

Reference and Service Materials

Some information concerning the A.A. Service Structure and service materials provided by the Area 79 Registrar relating to Group Records are provided below. For further information on the Service Structure, please visit the: A.A. World Services Website  .

The following resources are available for viewing or download:

General Service And Information Pieces

Why Do We Need A Conference (pdf, 1 page)
Part of the opening talk given by the late Bernard B. Smith, then non-alcoholic chairman of our board of trustees, at the 1954 Conference.

Area 79 DCM Fact Sheet (pdf, 2 pages)
Some information for incoming District Committee Members (DCMs) and an outline of the Service Structure in Area 79.

Area 79 GSR Fact Sheet (pdf, 2 pages)
A short summary of the General Service Representative (GSR) role in Area 79.

GSR Handbook (pdf, 36 pages)
A booklet which outlines the duties of the General Service Representative (GSR) and the Service Structure of AA in Canada and the United States.

The A.A. Service Manual and 12 Concepts for World Service (pdf, 224 pages) The complete A.A. Service Manual combined with Twelve Concepts for World Service as written by Bill W.

Box 4-5-9, News and Notes from G.S.O. A link to the Box 4-5-9 page, on A.A.’s World Services website, from where current and past issues of the newsletter (pdfs) may be accessed. Box 4-5-9 is published quarterly by the General Service Office.

The Twelve Traditions Illustrated (pdf, 28 pages) This pamphlet, on A.A.’s World Services website, presents both the spirit and the practical application of our 12 Traditions.

The Twelve Concepts Illustrated (pdf, 28 pages) A brief, easy to read, illustarted pamphlet about the Concepts, available on A.A.’s World Services website

Quarterly & Assembly Host Shared Experience (doc, 4 pages) These are 2 recent submissions from hosting districts regarding their shared experience

Information And Forms About New Groups And Group Records

The following information pieces and Group Registration forms are available from the registrar, or from A.A. World Services, as pdf documents for viewing or download:

Area Map of the U.S. & Canada
A map of the U.S. & Canada which shows the North American A.A. Service Areas; BC and the Yukon Territories are Area 79.

Area 79 Registrar FAQs (pdf, 3 pages)
Information FAQs from the registrar concerning Group Registration.

New Group Registration Form (pdf, 1 page)
The fillable PDF form needed to register a new group with Area 79 and GSO.

Group Information Change Form (pdf, 1 page)
The fillable PDF form needed to change your group record information with Area 79 and GSO.

Is Your Group Linked to AA as a Whole?
Service Material from the General Service Office.

GSO Info Sheet concerning New Groups (pdf, 1 page)
Some information about naming groups and the process that is followed by GSO.

Managing Group Records (1) (pdf, 2 pages)
Outline of the General Service Office’s new system for managing group records online, launched in April 2007.

Managing Group Records (2) (pdf, 1 page)
Group, District, Area and GSO records updating processes.

Elected Or Appointed Positions

For those wishing to submit their resumes for either an elected or appointed position on the Area 79 General Service Committee, please download the suggested service resume form Service Resume. The link will reroute you to our elections section of our website. The use of the resume form is not mandatory for either elected positions or appointed positions. However, its use does assist both the candidate and the Fellowship in several ways. These include the provision of consistent information in an organized way and assisting candidates in adhering to time limits for presentation of resumes.

To let your name stand for an elected position please see: Elections & Appointments Page