Area 79 Registrar

The Area 79 Registrar develops and maintains the records of all groups in the area, including group name, meeting location, time, and GSR or group contacts, ensuring this information remains up-to-date.

Registrar Information

Registrar is an elected position on the Area 79 General Service Committee. For more information about the duties and responsibilities of the Registrar, please see the Job Description below.

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Further Information

The following information pieces and Group Registration forms are available from the registrar, or from A.A. World Services, as web pages or pdf documents for viewing or download:

Area Map of the U.S. & Canada
A map of the U.S. & Canada which shows the North American A.A. Service Areas; BC and the Yukon Territories are Area 79.

Area 79 District Numbers & Geographical Areas (pdf, 2 pages)
Listings of all of the Districts in Area 79 and the Regions, Cities and Towns they encompass (by district number and by community).

Area 79 Registrar FAQs (pdf, 3 pages)
Information FAQs from the registrar concerning Group Registration.

New Group Registration Form (pdf, 3 pages)
The fillable PDF form needed to register a new group with Area 79 and GSO.

Group Information Change Form (pdf, 1 page)
The fillable PDF form needed to change your group record information with Area 79 and GSO.

Is Your Group Linked to AA as a Whole
Service Material from the General Service Office.

GSO Info Sheet concerning New Groups (pdf, 1 page)
Some information about naming groups and the process that is followed by GSO.

Managing Group Records (1) (pdf, 2 pages)
Outline of the General Service Office’s new system for managing group records online, launched in April 2007.

Managing Group Records (2) (pdf, 1 page)
Group, District, Area and GSO records updating processes.

For those wishing to submit their resumes for either an elected or appointed position on the Area 79 General Service Committee, please download the suggested service resume form Service Resume. The link will reroute you to our elections section of our website. The use of the resume form is not mandatory for either elected positions or appointed positions. However, its use does assist both the candidate and the Fellowship in several ways. These include the provision of consistent information in an organized way and assisting candidates in adhering to time limits for presentation of resumes.

To let your name stand for an elected position please see: Elections Page

Registrar: Job Description

As suggested in the A.A. Service Manual (2021-23 edition) The duties of the registrar have evolved with the implementation of Fellowship Connection. Registrars often are a crucial first point of contact for A.A. groups and trusted servant’s data. The need for accurate information and clear communication is the foundation of this role.


Fellowship Connection

  • Develops and maintains records of all groups in the area, including group name, meeting location, and GSR or group contact
  • Works with trusted servants to maintain accurate and up-to-date names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers of the GSRs, DCMs, district committee members and GSC Members
  • Works locally with delegates and DCMs on verifying the accuracy of the data submitted and wherever necessary following up communication for corrections
  • Works with the G.S.O. Operations department in keeping area information up to date.
  • Notify GSO of a group name changes
  • Assist and support DCMs and Delegate in navigating view only access to Fellowship Connection as needed.
  • Forward relevant information to the website chair regarding changes to meetings to ensure that Area 79 website is up to date
  • Keep the records display current.
  • Maintain current lists of:
    • GSC members with their positions, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses (one list with personal email addresses for the committee and one with alias emails for the DCMs).
    • District locations and numbers.
    • DCM, Alternate DCM and DCC contact information
    • Provide the Treasurer with a current list of registered groups and their districts quarterly.
    • Provide the Website Chair with lists of Current DCMs, alternate DCMs, DCCs and District locations and numbers
    • Provide current GSR and DCM email lists to Area Chair and Delegate prior to Assemblies and Quarterlies
    • Provide current GSR email list and current GSR address list for those without email to Grassroots Chair Quarterly
    • Follow up on any bounced back emails or returned copies of Grassroots.
  • Quarterlies and Assemblies
    • Prepare digital DCM packages to include a cover letter to the DCMs; and all lists as noted above as well as group contributions from Area 79 and any other inserts required by GSC members. The package may also include The New Group form, Group, DCC, and DCM change forms.
    • Sign out the hearing assist equipment, replace batteries and ear buds as necessary.
    • Prior to the Quarterly or Assembly ask if any DCMs would like a printed DCM package either handed out at the Assembly or for those online mailed to their home address.
    • Have an extra supply of the above forms and lists available at each quarterly and assembly.
    • Chair an assigned committee at the Pre-conference Assembly each April. Create a synopsis of the background information on the conference agenda items of that committee. Contac t the DCMs assigned to that committee.


Area registrars will require training on Fellowship Connection, a user-friendly interface that facilitates information sharing between areas and G.S.O. Familiarity with computer systems and spreadsheet tools and an understanding of data stewardship is helpful, as registrars will be entering data, updating information, using search filters, and downloading custom and standard reports. Other qualities needed may include:

  • Familiarity with the area and district structure, and ability to communicate throughout. Ability to organize, communicate and manage detailed information
  • Ability to relay information via email to G.S.O., locally and within the area Ability to responsibly handle and protect personal information

This is an extremely rewarding position which requires a daily commitment of time, and even more time before and after assemblies, GSC meetings and travel assignments.

Duties Common to all GSC Members

  • Attend and participate in all regularly scheduled General Service Committee (GSC) meetings (held in Vancouver on the first Wednesday of each month). Meetings could also be held virtually when necessary.
  • Reply to email, telephone, and written questions. Willingness to learn and develop computer/technical skills as necessary.
  • Attend and participate in all quarterlies and assemblies in-person or virtually as required.
  • At each quarterly, assembly and GSC meeting, provide reports on activities since the previous event.
  • Chair appropriate committee at quarterlies and assemblies. Assist with venue set up and tear down.
  • Maintain contact with district and local committee chairs.
  • Maintain contact with district committee members (DCMs) assigned to GSC member’s committee.
  • Submit regular monthly expense reports to the treasurer.
  • Participate in preparation for the General Service Conference by reviewing and summarizing the assigned agenda background material, providing information to DCMs, chairing the committee meeting at the Pre-conference Assembly, and providing the committee’s recommendations to the assembly and delegate.
  • Facilitate workshops.
  • Participate on Ad Hoc committees as required.
  • Be available for travel assignments, including taking Area 79 archives and/or Grapevine kits to A.A. events.
  • Review content as it relates to the member’s position, providing updates and new materials to the website chair as needed.

Further Considerations

  • The time commitment required is substantial and will vary from position to position, and also with the particular skills possessed by the member. Generally, some time will be spent every day to check and respond to emails and phone messages. Some jobs have workloads that are heavier at certain times than at others.
  • It is encouraged that you speak with members of the GSC (current or past) to ask more specific questions if you wish to put your name forward for a position.
  • General Service Committee membership may sound demanding, but, as we so often find in A.A., the rewards are far greater than time and effort put in.