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Events are listed here solely as a service to members. Links within these documents will redirect you out of the BC/Yukon website. Neither the documents nor the links indicate review, endorsement or approval on the part of Alcoholics Anonymous or BC/Yukon Area 79. For more information on an event, please use the contact information provided.

For instructions about posting your event, or requesting participation of the Area 79 General Service Committee, please refer to the to post an event information below, or contact the Area 79 Website Committee Chair.

Events in Area 79

See the complete list of Area 79 Events here.

Neighbouring Area Events

See the complete list of Neighbouring Area Events here.

Quarterlies & Assemblies for Area 79

See the complete list of Quarterlies & Assemblies for Area 79 here.

International A.A. Conventions

See the complete list of International A.A. Conventions here.

To Post an Event

To request that your AA event be posted on the BC/Yukon Website, on the Events in Area 79 or the Neighbouring Area Events pages, please:

  • Make your submission to the Area 79 Website Committee Chair.
  • The BC/Yukon Area 79 website posts AA events only.
  • If you have a poster for your event, please send us a copy; the preferred formats are PDF and JPG.
  • No people’s faces can be used on the website, including on posters. This applies to non-A.A. members as well as A.A. members.
  • If you do not have a poster, send all pertinent information to be listed.
  • If you do not wish your personal information made public, do not include it on an event poster. Remember that this is a public site, and that contact information (phone number, email or home address, etc.) in a PDF document is searchable.
  • Please ensure there are no last names in event information (including email addresses).
  • Please ensure that any members whose contact information is included on your posting have consented to it being posted on the BC/Yukon Area 79 website.
  • If you are planning an event you may also consider requesting participation from your Area 79 General Service Committee (GSC). Services available include: Area Archives Displays, Workshops, Sharing Sessions, and Delegate Reports. If you would like further information or to make a request, please contact the Area 79 Chair.
  • If you want to request that your event be listed or advertised in Grassroots, please contact the Area 79 Grassroots Committee Chair.
  • Please allow up to 3 days for the listing to be posted.

Thank you. If you have any questions please contact the Area 79 Website Committee Chair.