Grassroots Forum

The BC/Yukon Area 79 Newsletter

Statement of Purpose:

“The Grassroots Forum is a newsletter by and for the members of Alcoholics Anonymous in BC/Yukon Area 79. It is compiled and edited by the Grassroots Chairperson with the assistance and input of the Grassroots Committee. This newsletter is a vehicle for communication within Area 79 with the aim of strengthening unity and participation. Grassroots is also the means of distribution of the minutes, financial statements and all reports from our Area Quarterlies and Assemblies. It is the aim of the Grassroots Forum to fulfill its purpose with the greatest possible consideration of fiscal prudence and to practice AA principles in all of its affairs.”


Grassroots is published quarterly by the BC/Yukon Area 79 Service Committee, following each Area Quarterly or Assembly. It carries news and information about groups and committees, minutes and financial statements from the Quarterlies and Assemblies, and reprinted material from AA literature, such as Box 459 and the AA Grapevine. It is distributed to the Fellowship in the following ways:

  • As a password protected, electronic document available for viewing or download from this website (see below, pdf format).
  • Publication of a printed magazine which is distributed by mail. If you wish to subscribe to the printed version of the newsletter, please see the subscribing information below.

Subscribing to the printed version of Grassroots Forum:

Members of AA can subscribe to Grassroots Forum in one of two ways:

By Mail: Download this form, complete it, and mail it to our office along with your payment either by cheque or money order.

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