Group Contributions

Group Contributions



Send e-Transfer to: 

  • The account is set up for auto deposit so there is no need for a security question/answer
  • In the memo/note field of the e-Transfer please include your group’s name and some extra identifying information like your group number, district or at least town/community.
  • Contact your DCM or our Area Registrar if you don’t know your group number or district.
  • In order that you may be sent a receipt, please include your email address in the notes as many financial institutions do not provide this information with the transfer


Please include a Group Contribution Enclosure Card with your cheque or money-order (no cash, please), made payable to BC/Yukon Area 79 and mailed to the following address:

BC/Yukon Area 79
PO Box 42114
Vancouver, BC, V5S 4R5

Please include your email address or a mailing address in order that a receipt may be sent to you

Credit Card

Complete the form below to contribute via credit card. Please note there a cost of approximately 3.1% to the area using this method.

If you have any questions, please contact the Area Treasurer.