Finance Committee

The Finance Committee discusses Area 79 self-support and the Seventh Tradition.

Basic Committee Functions

Look for methods to improve carrying the message to groups.
Review all literature relating to finance and make suggestions on improving it.

Finance Chair

The Finance Committee Chair is an appointed position on the Area Service Committee. For more information about the duties and responsibilities of the Chairperson, please see the Job Description below.

Contact the Finance Chair by email:

Click to download a Group Contribution Enclosure Card (pdf, 1 page)

Further Information

The links below are to pages on AA’s World Services Website ( from which the following resources may be accessed:

AA Group Treasurer (pamphlet, F-96)
Self Support Where Money & Spirituality Meet (pamphlet, F-3)
AA Guidelines on Finance (guidelines, MG-15)

Finance Chair: Job Description

(Position usually assigned to the Area 79 Treasurer)

The finance committee discusses self-support and the Seventh Tradition. We look for methods to improve carrying the message to groups and provide information on how to make contributions to BC/Yukon Area 79. We also review related literature and make suggestions on improving it.

Click to download contribution enclosure card [pdf]


  • Assist all members to become familiar with our Seventh Tradition of self-support.
  • Encourage groups to fulfill the duties of self-support to all levels of service, including district, area, the General Service Office and intergroup or central office.
  • Provide a display at Area 79 assemblies and quarterlies and other AA events as requested, including pamphlets on self-support and information for group treasurers.
  • Review the Area 79 financial position, as shown in current financial statements, with members of the committee.
  • Encourage all committee members to review the Conference final report, especially the sections on finances and associated reports.
  • Encourage members to ask questions on self-support and budgets for our area.
  • Conduct workshops on finances and self-support as requested.

Duties Common to all ASC Members

  • Attend and participate in all regularly scheduled Area Service Committee (ASC) meetings (held in Vancouver on the first Wednesday of each month). Meetings could also be held virtually when necessary.
  • Reply to email, telephone and written questions. Willingness to learn and develop computer/technical skills as necessary.
  • Attend and participate in all quarterlies and assemblies in-person or virtually as required.
  • At each quarterly, assembly and ASC meeting, provide reports on activities since the previous event.
  • Chair appropriate committee at quarterlies and assemblies. Assist with venue set up and tear down.
  • Maintain contact with district and local committee chairs.
  • Maintain contact with district committee members (DCMs) assigned to ASC member’s committee.
  • Submit regular monthly expense reports to the treasurer.
  • Participate in preparation for the General Service Conference by reviewing and summarizing the assigned agenda background material, providing information to DCMs, chairing the committee meeting at the Pre-conference Assembly, and providing the committee’s recommendations to the assembly and delegate.
  • Facilitate workshops.
  • Participate on Ad Hoc committees as required.
  • Be available for travel assignments, including taking Area 79 archives and/or Grapevine kits to AA events.
  • Review content as it relates to the member’s position, providing updates and new materials to the website chair as needed.
  • Prepare and assist for transition of your position at end of your rotation. Ensure flash drive is updated regularly and provided to Secretary annually.
  • Maintaining blue boards/display boards and literature supplies for travel events.

Further Considerations

  • The time commitment required is substantial and will vary from position to position, and also with the particular skills possessed by the member. Generally, some time will be spent every day to check and respond to emails and phone messages. Some jobs have workloads that are heavier at certain times than at others.
  • It is encouraged that you speak with members of the ASC (current or past) to ask more specific questions if you wish to put your name forward for a position.
  • Area Service Committee membership may sound demanding, but, as we so often find in AA, the rewards are far greater than time and effort put in.