About Area 79 Quarterly Meetings

These meetings are held twice per year: January (a 2 day event), and July (a 3 day event), in various locations and are attended by all District Committee Members and/or their Alternates and the Members of the General Service Committee. Although General Service Representatives do not have a vote at Area quarterlies, they most certainly have a voice and are encouraged to attend. Things you can usually expect to participate in at Quarterlies are:

Friday night may open with a meeting chaired by the host District or some form of workshop or discussion. This is followed by a meeting of the Area DCMs and GSC. This informal meeting serves as a discussion forum regarding common problems and solutions throughout the Area. At the same time, there is a similar meeting for Alternate District Committee Members, General Service Representatives, their Alternates and visitors.

The business meeting of Area 79 begins Saturday morning with some housekeeping items and introduction of new District Committee Members, General Service Representatives and their Alternates. Reports are given by General Service Committee Members and District Committee Members. If time permits, these will be given orally with a copy given to the Area Secretary by hand and/or email. Your District’s package will be picked up from the Registrar. Committee meetings will be held, and District Committee Members will attend their assigned committee. Reports of these meetings will be given later in the day. New and old Area business will be discussed. Minutes of these meetings will be published in Grassroots.

During discussion periods, a light system will be in effect limiting the time of each speaker to two minutes. No one will speak for a second time until everyone wishing to speak has been heard. The minority voice will always be heard whenever voting takes place, except when asking for a show of hands for a sense of the meeting.