Treasurer: Job Description

(Also serves as Finance Committee Chair)

(See A.A. Service Manual, Chapter 5)

The treasurer should be a responsible person with a solid period of sobriety. He or she should be organized enough to keep good records and it is very desirable to have some accounting knowledge and/or bookkeeping experience. The person elected will be helped by the previous treasurer to become familiar with the Area 79 accounting procedures. The treasurer may also seek accounting and clerical assistance from volunteers within the fellowship. Persuasiveness, firmness and diplomacy will help the treasurer do the job.

BC/Yukon Area 79 operates on a calendar year with a budget in excess of $100,000. Currently we are using QuickBooks as our accounting software.


Knowledge of current self-support information (pamphlets, Final Conference Report, Box 459, etc.) is useful when sharing information at committee meetings and workshops.

Money has never been a requirement for A.A. membership or service work, and to keep it that way, all of A.A.’s trusted servants have an ongoing obligation to inform groups and individuals about the value of self-support and the need for voluntary contributions throughout the fellowship.

Duties common to all GSC members

Further Considerations