Secretary: Job Description

(See A.A. Service Manual, Chapter 5)


The secretary records and distributes minutes of area meetings and sends out area mailings and electronic mailings. The secretary is in a good position to act as liaison between officers and committee members.

Further, in BC/Yukon Area 79, the secretary:


The secretary should have a "reasonable period of sobriety", which might mean two years in an area where A.A. is still young, four or five years in an older area. Some service in group, central office or general service is useful. So is some background in general office work - more and more, computer knowledge is indispensable. An effective secretary needs to have a sense of order and the ability to capture the essentials of what is happening at a meeting. The job is time-consuming and needs to be carried out on schedule, and the secretary needs to be sure that ample time is available.

This position requires an ongoing, heavy time commitment. It would be prudent to discuss letting your name stand for secretary with your family and employer, since it will have an impact on your availability to them over the course of the term. This is a seven-days-a-week commitment.

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