Chair: Job Description

(See the A.A. Service Manual, Chapter 5: The Area Committee.)


The chairperson is responsible for the smooth running of area assemblies and quarterlies, consulting with the General Service Committee before setting the date and time, making sure that all groups are notified, consulting with officers and committee members on the program, and chairing the assembly meetings. The chairperson, more than any other officer, keeps the delegate informed about what is going on in the area, and makes sure that members are aware of what goes on in world services.

Further, in BC/Yukon Area 79, the chairperson is specifically responsible for:


The chairperson should have a solid period of sobriety (minimum three to five years), and experience in group, central office, institutional and/or area affairs. Area chairpersons need a sound understanding and appreciation of the Steps, the Traditions and the Concepts, along with a good fund of experience gained through applying these guides successfully to local problems. Communication skills, leadership qualities and sensitivity to the wishes of the local area are also important.

This position is a very heavy time commitment and requires strong organizational skills, including basic computer knowledge (email, spreadsheets and word processing). Consultation with family and employers is essential before allowing one’s name to stand, due to the amount of time spent away from home and the necessity of time away from work in order to travel.

Duties common to all GSC members

Further Considerations