Public Information Committee Chair: Job Description

Public information (P.I.) in Alcoholics Anonymous means carrying the message of recovery to the still-suffering alcoholic by informing the general public about the A.A. program. Public information, unlike many other service positions, does not usually carry the message directly to the alcoholic who still suffers. The function of public information is to inform the community through the media, schools, industry and other organizations which can report on the nature of Alcoholics Anonymous and what it can do for alcoholics. P.I. not only informs of the existence of A.A., it also informs on what A.A. does and, equally importantly, what A.A. does not do. By this means, the friends, families and employers of alcoholics become aware of what A.A. is and is not, and can pass this information along to the still-suffering alcoholic.

Public information has been, and still is, a vital link in carrying the message of Alcoholics Anonymous, as well as a rewarding service position in the general service structure of Alcoholics Anonymous.


Work with CPC chair to edit and publish the Inter-Com newsletter. This is distributed to all DCMs, district P.I. chairs and district CPC chairs via email

Duties common to all GSC members

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