Carrying the Message through Media

General Guidelines:

[From the Public Information Workbook (see below)]

Without the help of newspapers, magazines, radio and TV and most recently new media technologies such as the Internet, it is doubtful that A.A. could have reached into the lives of millions of alcoholics. From the beginning, communications people have respected what A.A. does, have appreciated our Traditions, have trusted us and deserved our trust. In dealing with the media, we have one real advantage: honesty. A.A. members are not, it is hoped, seeking personal gain or publicity, and the media respects us. Our aim is to help other suffering alcoholics, and we can approach local media people with the knowledge that we are trying to provide information that will be interesting and helpful to readers, listeners, and viewers. Remember, it’s a wise public information person who gives an editor, news director, or reporter credit for having a conscientious desire to serve the public. Audio and Video PSA’s (Public Service Announcements) are available on the A.A. World Services Website (see Further Information, below).


The following link is to a page on A.A.'s World Services Website) from which the Public Information Workbook (pdf) and AA Videos and Audio Public Service Announcements (PSA's) (flash) may be accessed.