Grassroots Committee Chair: Job Description

The Grassroots Committee chair is responsible for production and distribution of Grassroots Forum, the BC/Yukon Area 79 Newsletter.

Suggestions for Newsletters or Bulletins
(See A.A. Service Manual, chapter 4)

Newsletters or bulletins published by area committees or central offices/intergroups may include local A.A. news, information about groups and committees, and reprinted material from A.A. literature. As with most A.A. service activities, it has been found prudent to make a committee (rather than one or two individuals) responsible for the format, planning and content.


It is helpful to have volunteers to help you proofread, stuff envelopes and sort as required by your local post office. A reliable printer is a must. A scanner is extremely useful. Your timeframe is every three months for publication.


Duties common to all GSC members

Further Considerations