Archivist: Job Description

The archivist serves BC/Yukon Area 79 by "keeping the record straight". By collecting, preserving and sharing important historical elements, the archivist helps to carry the message of sobriety to present and future generations, ensuring, as Bill W. said, "that myth does not prevail over fact". The archivist is appointed to a three- to five-year term.

Archivist as A.A. member:

Archivist as historical gatherer:

Archivist as custodian and conservationist:

This is a volunteer position open to A.A. members with easy access to the lower mainland archives office. Candidates are ratified by the General Service Committee. (Note: there are other volunteer positions available within the archives room for anyone wishing to be a part of the archives. They are listed on the BC/Yukon website under archives volunteer positions.)

To contact the archivist, email the archives committee chair at