Archives Volunteer Opportunities


This requires someone to work with the archivist and help enter catalogued items, their location, a brief description and a few other pertinent details into a master database. We are working to get a complete inventory into this master database. Minimum computer skills and access to the Greater Vancouver Intergroup office would be required.


This person would focus on scanning fragile material (both photos and documents). Some technical knowledge for touch-up and manipulation would be required, i.e. to remove last names on documents, size photos, etc.


Someone to listen to cassette tapes and identify them. Ideally for an in-town person, but may be set up for an out-of-town person. Also, someone is needed to listen to reel-to-reel tapes to identify them. This person would need to live in town.


We have a box of 8mm home movies that need to be viewed and documented. Ideally these would also be transferred to VHS. We have the projector -- and we would have to have a group conscience as to whether these could be loaned out for someone from out of town to do.


Histories are being collected from members and districts in the forms of speaker tapes, written experiences and filled-out questionnaires. These need to be first transcribed (typed into the computer so we have a digital copy). Then information needs to be compiled, and written into a suitable form for eventual publishing. Lastly we need a reading committee to help edit and make recommendations. These positions are very suitable for out-of-towners and may be done via email or regular mail.